Surface Preparation And Painting Schedule

Surface Preparation

New Concrete
Allow new concrete to dry for 14-28 days under normal weather conditions before painting. Surface to be painted should be clean and dry, free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, contaminants, and all loose grit and mortar. If the concrete has cured for less than twenty-eight (28) days, treat with a solution of one (1) part BOYSEN® Masonry Neutralizer B-44 diluted in sixteen (16) parts water, applying liberally by brush or roller. Let dry overnight before rinsing with water to remove white crystals that form on the surface. Let dry before painting. However, if the concrete has been cured for twenty-eight (28) days or more, there is no need for neutralizer.


Scrape off all loose, scaling, flaking, and peeling paint manually or by using BOYSEN® Paint and Varnish Remover B-141, as necessary. Wash surfaces clean and completely remove chemical residue. Let it dry.

For repainting concrete, use BOYSEN® Chalk Blocker B-7304 as surface conditioner. In case of mildew infestation, treat with a bleach solution (1:3, laundry bleach to water, respectively) by swabbing or brushing. To ensure proper treatment, let stand for twenty-four (24) hours before washing off residue. Let dry.


Painting Schedule

For Exterior Use
1st coat: BOYSEN® EcoPrimer
Putty: BOYSEN® Acrytex Cast B-1711
2nd & 3rd coat: BOYSEN® KNOxOUT Air Cleaning Paint Silicone B-8702

For Interior Use
1st coat: BOYSEN® EcoPrimer
Putty: BOYSEN® Masonry Putty B-7311
2nd & 3rd coat: BOYSEN® KNOxOUT Air Cleaning Paint Acrylic B-8701 

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