PTT Philippines strives to improve environment, community

August 04, 2015

Climate change is fast becoming a rising phenomenon across the globe. Just this year, we really did not feel the Manila summer heat until April. We need to remember that this increasing and troublesome global phenomenon is not caused simply by the forces of nature. All of us have our fair share of contributing to this alarming worldwide phenomenon.

“While we need energy, we must use this efficiently and that it is our responsibility to encourage people to fight the effects of pollution, reduce it, especially in metropolis,” says Vittaya “Bob” Viboonterawud, Corporate Communications Manager of PTT Philippines Corporation (PTTPC), the local subsidiary of Thailand’s largest oil company, PTT Public Co. Ltd.

Part of PTT culture, guided by its parent company in Thailand, is the promotion of environmental protection and preservation. In Thailand, PTT is a known mover of environmental projects, particularly reforestation. The company is also adopting the same campaign in the Philippines as part of its sustainability program.

While PTT has been expanding its operations in the Philippines with 84 service stations in Luzon and Cebu, its corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects are focused on environmental protection campaigns.

Sustainability is a company ethos of PTT. The company is aware that while being a significant provider of energy, it is impossible to completely avoid the utilization of oil. Hence, PTT decided to focus their philosophy, instead, on reducing the impact of oil use and on improving the community. Thus, the oil firm’s involvement with many ecological activities here in the Philippines is a clear indication of the company’s firm commitment towards environmental protection.

PTT Philippines, in its earnest undertaking to care for the environment, has collaborated with Pacific Paint Philippines Inc. Both companies have envisioned the battle against air pollution through the OneWallOneWorld or OWOW, a private-sector-led initiative that utilizes BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™. With this initiative, just within one year alone, around 15 to 20 PTT stations in the Philippines will be painted with BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™, the world’s first air-cleaning paint. This eco-driven initiative has a simultaneous environmental impact. While the customers of PTT stations are filling up on gas, the walls of PTT’s “air cleaning stations” are also cleaning the cars’ exhausts.

At present, PTT Philippines uses BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ for company-owned stations and encourages its dealers to follow the same. To date, four PTT stations in the country have been painted with BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™. The oil firm’s company-owned stations in the country included but are not limited to its petrol stations situated in Lucena City, Quezon, Taytay, Rizal, and Clark, Pampanga.

In addition to its involvement with the OWOW initiative, PTT Philippines has considerably undertaken other projects in fulfilling its responsibility to the community and the environment. Such ventures include the “Gas up for a Tree” project, the “BakaJuan: Back to the Mangroves” project, and several product innovations. The “Gas up for a Tree” project is a reforestation project whose goal is to plant a total of 30,000 fruit bearing trees on a 50-hectare land in the Bataan Natural Park and within a three-year time frame. Simply by gassing up at PTT service stations, the company’s Philippine consumers can partake in this worthwhile cause. For every Php 1,000.00 earned by the company goes to planting one tree.

The “BakaJuan: Back to the Mangroves” project is a replicate of projects accomplished by PTT Thailand. In this undertaking, PTT Philippines seeks to plant 50,000 mangrove propagules in the coastal towns of Kawit and Novelata in Cavite. Launching a massive mangrove-planting program in at least two coastal towns of Cavite helps significantly to minimize the effects of a storm surge. These towns have perennial flooding problems and by simply planting mangroves in the area can help protect the residents there. When Thailand was struck by a tsunami several years ago, mangrove trees helped mitigate the impact of strong storm surges to some coastal communities by absorbing the force of strong waves and wind. This project in the Philippines began in 2014 and just this March, PTT Philippines engaged again in this meaningful venture.

Moreover, PTT is also responsible for certain product innovations. The company is dedicated to creating “Green Products”. The outcome of these so-called “Green Products” is that they aid with the cleaning of engines, making them work smoother and, therefore, resulting in better combustion and cleaner exhausts. A model example of such an eco-friendly product of PTT is their Friction Modifier. This particular product helps engines to work more efficiently and as a result, better combustion is derived, and with better combustion, comes the reduction or even the elimination of polluting residue.

As for PTT’s fuel, the company employs an additive that helps maintain the cleanliness of the engine. With a clean engine comes certain benefits like performance enhancement of the engine, the lowering of oil consumption, and the reduction in consumer spending. Cleaner engines lead to cleaner exhausts and the reduction in carbon footprint – and the environment which we all use and live in is better maintained and protected.